In-house Workshop Packages

Thank you very much for being interested in booking one of our courses!
We offer different workshops of different lengths for different topics.

Our on-site workshops will be held at your location by at least two of our consultants.
All workshops are for programming beginners and up to 12 people starting at the age of 18.


Chatbots / AI

  • “Introduction to Chatbots
    In this workshop you will learn what it takes to design and prototype a chatbot for your project or company.
    Bring your own laptop with a modern browser installed (FireFox or Chrome)
  • “Chatbot conception workshop”
    1 day workshop: We design the chatbot for your company! With this workshop we help you figure out what your needs are and what chatbot may fit to your company.
    Creation of a specification is not included and costs 1.900€ (not including tax / zzgl. Ust) extra.
  • “Introduction to Python
    Learn how to program in Python.
    Bring your own laptop with admin/install rights.
  • “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Learn basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and learn how to use AI powered tools.
    Bring your own laptop with a modern browser installed (FireFox or Chrome)


  • “Introduction to HTML
    We will teach basic skills of web page creation and give an introduction to UI/UX and front-end development.
  • “Introduction to HTML/CSS
    Same as the HTML course but with a focus on website styling.
  • “Introduction to JavaScript
    We will teach basic programming skills and give an introduction to JavaScript basics.
    Bring your own laptop with a modern browser installed (FireFox or Chrome)

Other Topics

  • “Introduction to User Experience (UX)
  • “Introduction to Public Speaking
  • “Introduction to Design Thinking
  • “Introduction to Photography

Price based on duration

  • 2 hours – Price: 999€ (not including tax / zzgl. Ust)
  • 4 hours – Price: 1.899€ (not including tax / zzgl. Ust)
  • 8 hours – Price: 3.699€ (not including tax / zzgl. Ust)

These prices do not include transfer (flight/train) or hotel fees and are valid from November 2018 on.


Please check in advance and provide the following for one of our workshops:

  • A room with up to 12 desk places
  • A projector + VGA/HDMI/DP cable
  • Extra power outlets
  • WiFi
  • Participants need to bring their own laptop – some courses require admin/install rights on the laptop!
  • Drinks and snacks

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