Messenger 2.0 In A Nutshell

The Facebook Messenger Platform v2.0 updates announced at F8


  • 1.2 BLN monthly active users — Platform has grown by 20% compared to last year with 2 BLN messages a month
  • 100.000 unique bots built by 100.000 bot developers
  • 1.5 BLN games played in Messenger

Bots improved service experience


  • Conversion rates are a 30% higher than other channels (at Meetic)
  • Customer satisfaction lifted of over 60% (at Rogers)
  • Employee productivity increased by 3.5 times (at Globe)

Messenger for Businesses

  • Hand-over protocol for multiple bots of one business — closed Beta
  • Respond to frequently asked questions of businesses with Smart Replies powered by the bot engine

Messenger Platform changes

What Facebook Messenger should have announced at F8

  • Rollout of payments worldwide—still only US with US bank debit card
  • Rollout M worldwide
  • introduce a bot store or bot directory—but small “improvements” in discovery (you can submit meta data for your bot), although FB wants to become “the yellow pages of the internet”
  • Clearer separation of and, e.g. a bot in Messenger doesn’t need a FB page
  • Follow up on case studies of last year’s announcement like Poncho

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